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Brown Pastures

You just have to laugh at our weather.  Either that or you end up shreaking. Saturday morning is was 22 degrees.  That meant long johns, wool socks, leather gloves, qiviut hat, down coat.  It was cold.  It was almost balmy the following morning at 26 degrees.  I remembered why I bought the thinsulite lined gloves so wore those rather than the leather ones which are usually plenty warm enough but not when the temperatures are in the 20's.  The rest of the garb was the same - down coat, wool socks, etc.  It was a glorious day on Sunday for our Roc Day get together with full sun and warming up into the 50's.  We sat with the back door of...

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Roc Day

Roc Day or St. Distaff's Day is a northern European tradition dating back to at least the early 1600's.  That is when British poet Robert Herrick wrote "Saint Distaffs day, or the Morrow After Twelfth Day" explaining the tradition and frivolity of Roc Day. The word roc is German for distaff which refers to the tools of spinning but also to women's work in general and therefore to a woman herself. Saint Distaffs Day, of the Morrow After Twelfth Day By Robert Herrick (1591-1674) Partly work and partly play You must on St. Distaff's Day From the plough soon free your team Then come home and fother them If the maids a-spinning go, Burn the flax and fire the tow....

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Happy New Year!

  We had a very quiet new year's eve.  My husband and I braved the drive into Katy, TX and had dinner at Perry's Steakhouse.  We got the earliest reservation we could and were there promptly at 4:45.  We had an OK dinner.  The restaurant was quiet and calm when we arrived and by the time we left it was hopping.  I love quiet and calm and am not so enthusiastic about hopping.  The service was OK, the food was OK although more expensive than I would have liked.  Next year we will probably select a different restaurant for our early dinner.  The best part about the evening was getting home by 7 pm before the drunks and crazy people...

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Please Come to Our 2009 Roc Day Celebration!

We are having a Roc Day celebration at the new Sky Loom Weavers studio in Cat Spring on Sunday Jan 10th from noon till 4 pm.  Bring your spindle or wheel and come spin with us.  Or just come and watch.  That's fine too.  We have a selection of fiber if you want to try something new to you and all my wheels will be available if I have one you haven't tried.  We'll fire up the dye pots and the first people interested in dyeing can pick the colors.  We may have an indigo pot going too.  It will be such fun!

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