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Brown Pastures

You just have to laugh at our weather.  Either that or you end up shreaking. Saturday morning is was 22 degrees.  That meant long johns, wool socks, leather gloves, qiviut hat, down coat.  It was cold.  It was almost balmy the following morning at 26 degrees.  I remembered why I bought the thinsulite lined gloves so wore those rather than the leather ones which are usually plenty warm enough but not when the temperatures are in the 20's.  The rest of the garb was the same - down coat, wool socks, etc.  It was a glorious day on Sunday for our Roc Day get together with full sun and warming up into the 50's.  We sat with the back door of...

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Blue Norther

The first time I experienced a blue norther, we were students at Texas A&M.  We went into the geology department in the morning wearing shorts and t-shirts and were horrified when we came out the door in the afternoon that it was freezing. Well, probably not literally freezing but pretty darnned cold.  We scrambled to the car and headed home for long pants and sweatshirts and raincoats. A blue norther is defined as a fast moving cold front with strong winds, often heavy rain and a dark blue/black sky that can drop the temperature 25 to 30 degrees in just a few minutes.  I don't know why there couldn't be similar conditions other places in the county but the term...

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