Brown Pastures

You just have to laugh at our weather.  Either that or you end up shreaking. Saturday morning is was 22 degrees.  That meant long johns, wool socks, leather gloves, qiviut hat, down coat.  It was cold.  It was almost balmy the following morning at 26 degrees.  I remembered why I bought the thinsulite lined gloves so wore those rather than the leather ones which are usually plenty warm enough but not when the temperatures are in the 20's.  The rest of the garb was the same - down coat, wool socks, etc.  It was a glorious day on Sunday for our Roc Day get together with full sun and warming up into the 50's.  We sat with the back door of the studio open and the sun streaming in for much of the afternoon.  Monday dawned in the 50's and it was t-shirts and no socks by the afternoon.

The upshot of the cold snap is two broken pipes... Oh, yeah.  I need to call the plumber about those.  And the pastures were all suddenly brown.  Just a couple of days below freezing will do that.  They looked like this just last week...

The two days below freezing weren't enough to brown out all the ground cover. The edges of things were/are still green.

We have had truly balmy days since the weekend with highs in the mid to upper 70's so much of the green has started to reappear in the pastures but I'm feeding lots of hay.