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Our December Schedule

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are perilously close to December.  December always means scrambling to get ready for Christmas - getting decorations up, the tree bought and decorated, finishing the last of the presents that should have been hemmed or bound off or had ends woven in months ago and getting everything baked and wrapped and ready.  Whew!  I'm exhausted just thinking about it. This is a month when we usually have no Sky Loom Weavers vendor events to attend.  We focus on all the wonderful craziness that is Christmas and spend time weaving, spinning, knitting and crocheting to get ready for our shows in January.  This year is different.  We are very excited to be included in...

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It's too hot to do much of anything!

Peggy and I had scheduled a dye day this coming Saturday, August 8th.  It seemed like such a great idea last weekend.  Unfortunately, this week has gotten hotter and hotter and we expect to be under a heat advisory by Saturday.  A few summers back Peggy and I managed to be dyeing on each of the hottest days of the summer.   I understand that there is really only one hottest day of the summer but that particular summer every single day we were out in the dye studio you could guarantee that the radio would be talking about how this was going to be the hottest day of the summer so far and to please take it easy.  Based on...

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Come Dye with Us

This coming Saturday, August 8, 2015, will be a dye day at Sky Loom Weavers.  You are more than welcome to come by and watch us dye.  Just be prepared - anyone who is watching will be expected to help out a bit although we won't make you do any of the heavy lifting.  I'm planning on testing out our newly grown marigolds and purple basil to make sure they give color before we bag and tag them for sale.  We also have lots of yarn and fiber that needs to be dyed so it should be a long day in the hot summer weather.  We do have a huge barrel fan at the ready and the clothesline is under...

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