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Pedi Reporting

Hello, this is Pedi your news analyst reporting from our ranch in Colorado County. There is a lot of discussion around the ranch this week centering around our last horse. He is 22 years old and we all call him Steele Pony. The lady rancher says his official name is Tamerlynn’s Tempered Steele (a former show pony). We all know him to be a bit of a “snoop” around here. This week he has informed us that he now wants to be called “DCI Pony”. Sounds to the rest of us to be snooty. However, he seems firm on this. The goats, who always seem to be in-the-know think it has something to do with the fact that the ranchers...

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Cleaning Out

A couple of weekends ago, Peggy came out to the studio and we worked on cleaning out the loft.  Over the months I wasn't able to climb those stairs, various people helped out by taking things up to the loft for me.  The choice of what went up there was mine but not always made with a totally clear head.  Random Ziplock bags of our inventory of dyed commercial yarn and/or hand spun yarn ended up there.  Also tubs freshly back from whatever show that hadn't been emptied or even evaluated got taken upstairs.  I thank all the friends and family who helped but it had gotten very crowded up there.  That doesn't even take into account all the various...

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The New Normal

I've been feeding the animals for a week now.  While I was incapacitated and Ron was doing all the feeding, he chose to take Sadie out in the morning to feed all the animals and take Gus out in the evening to feed the pony.  This meant that Gus was not out when the goats got fed.  Gus has an issue with the goats - he chases and they run.  He seems to feel this is the best of all possible worlds.  By the evening feeding time all the goats are high up the pastures and Gus doesn't seem to realize they are up there.  Therefore, no chasing.  This system worked great for Ron. My feeling was that the dogs...

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Getting Better

Getting better is never a straight road.  It doesn't seem to matter if we are talking about learning to play tennis or pinocle or healing from a broken leg.  It really is two steps forward and one step back. I went out this morning and fed the animals for the first time since I broke my leg back at the beginning of May.  It was wonderful to get out and see all the animals up close.  The goats looked askance at me... who are you, again?  Oh, yeah.  We remember now.  You used to feed us, didn't you?   I did the feeding from the Kawasaki mule since walking all around the property is still very tiring and also because...

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Artificial Christmas Trees

I have always had a "live" Christmas tree, certainly all the years growing up when I lived at home.  There were artificial trees out there but they were mostly metal or flocked and I always thought they were horrendous. Even when more natural looking Christmas trees were introduced, I thought they were awful.  Why would you spend any money for a tree that doesn't smell like a real tree?  I was perfectly happy to accept all those things that people used as excuses to buy an artificial tree.  I was happy to sweep up all the fallen needles.  I was happy to crawl around on the floor with a pitcher of water to make sure the base of the tree...

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