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Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

This is the best time to shop for Christmas!  Starting on Friday morning, Nov 23rd through Monday night Nov. 26th most everything we have on the website is 15% off.  You can't beat that!  All our finished goods including kitchen towels, shawls and scarves will be 15% off.  All our yarn, both hand dyed commercial yarn as well as hand spun yarn will be 15% off.  All our small tools and small looms including the Cricket loom and all its attachments will be 15% off.  All books and videos, all hand cream, all fiber will be 15% off. And just for this Christmas season we are adding a Spinner's Treat - One ounce each of 8 different fibers for the perfect fiber...

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Cranbrook Academy of Art - Fiber Department

My sister sent me some wonderful photos yesterday.  She and a group of friends were walking around the Cranbrook campus in Bloomfield Heights, MI and needed a bathroom.  They entered one of the buildings and stumbled into a weaving room to make my heart sing. The last time I saw this many floor looms in a single room it was at the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina.  For a weaver there is nothing so exciting as looking across a huge room filled with all types and sizes of looms.  So much possibility! Of course, if I had been there I could have taken an hour or more to walk around and look at each and every warp to...

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Invasion of the Woolly Bears

In general, I like caterpillars.  I like the fact that they will turn into butterflies or moths.  I do not feel the same way about grubs that turn into June Bugs but that's another story. We are having a huge invasion of woolly bears.  They are also called woolly worms or fuzzy worms which is exactly what they look like.  They are the larval stage of the Isabella Tiger Moth, Pyrrharctia isabella, which is an attractive medium sized moth, yellowish orange to creamy gold in color with black spots on its wings.  The woolly bear has no venom and doesn't bite or sting but the bristles in it's fuzzy coat can cause dermatitis so no touching! This moth is common across...

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Indian Summer

I don't think we really have an Indian Summer season here in the greater Houston area.  At least not the same way we did up north.  Our weather has been fractious this past month or so swinging from cold and wet to hot and humid and back again. While we are sitting at nearly 85 degrees right now, I think the chance of us seeing the 90's again is slim.  We have had some serious storms and lots of rain but also some stunning days, warm, sunny and calm. Here are some pictures of these last lazy days of summer. Yes, I realized we are into November now but our summers really do go on forever. Soon enough the colder...

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2018 Tour de Fleece Recap

This year the Tour de France was held on July 7th to July 29th.  And every year spinners around the world tune up their spinning wheels and spin for the 22 days that those crazy men are riding their bicycles all over France.  Some spinners do it while watching the coverage of the Tour de France on TV.  Most of us just enjoy the challenge of spinning for 22 days.  I have always enjoyed spinning during the Tour de France - our very own Tour de Fleece - but I'm not terribly consistent.  The Tour de France is a grueling race and spinning each of those 22 days is a challenge.  I love to spin and do it often but...

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