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Rearranging Furniture

It all started as it usually does.  We packed up the trailer a week ago Sunday morning. Well, actually, Peggy packed up the trailer.  I just did the fetch & carry, handing her what she wanted when she wanted it.  We each have our own well established place in this process.  As soon as we finished and Peggy was headed home, I dragged out the vacuum cleaner to clean up the studio.  This is the perfect time to do it with all the yarn, fiber, tools, finished goods and display items carefully packed up in the trailer. The next step is to start moving furniture.  It is a slippery slope.  Now I'm working on a complete rearrangement of everything in the...

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Easter Festivities

We often have to adjust holiday schedules to get the family together.  Both my kids have in-laws who also celebrate holidays and working out the time table for all can be complicated.  I'm really pleased that everyone lives within hailing distance so airline flights are not required, nor are car trips over an hour and a half.  We are very fortunate that most years we get the kids on Christmas mornings so I don't complain about celebrating any other holiday on a different day.  Thanksgiving on the previous Tuesday?  Sure.  Or three weeks early?  Sure.  It's all good for me. Getting everyone together is the important thing.  This year our Easter get-together was on Good Friday. All the adults were...

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Plants are blooming.... or at least leafing out

Spring comes early in the year here and it often isn't very much different than the end of winter.  There are no crocuses pushing up through the last of the snow.  No sudden damp when the temperatures finally rise above freezing.  Here is just gets warmer and warmer and the days get longer and longer.  The plants and trees all know when it's time to pop out new leaves or bud up for spring flowers.  And despite the warm temperatures it's still a process that takes time.  We often have roses blooming through most of the winter but when the pecan trees start to leaf out you know we aren't going back to winter again for months and months. New...

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Saori Loom For Sale

I bought my Saori loom in 2012 after seeing one at a spinning retreat in Louisiana.  I was smitten.  It is truly the friendliest loom I've ever seen.  I bought the whole ball of wax - the two harness counterbalance loom (SX-60H), free standing warping board, a total of five reeds, an inside set which allows two people to weave on the same loom each using their own warp, heddle frames and reed, heddle frame holders so you can thread the heddles sitting at your desk rather than crouching at the loom and a cross holder which is perfect if you wind your warps on the warping board. If there was an accessory available I snapped it up.  I have the...

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Swatch Swap 2017

The swatch swap is a fun group activity for a bunch of very creative weavers who belong to the Houston weaver's guild.  We met last Sunday afternoon to exchange our swatches that were created using the theme or requirements that were picked last spring.  As long as you stick to the requirements you can weave anything you want. And most of the time you can interpret the theme as you like.   My first swatch swap was three years ago.  The theme was Literary Threads. Hmmm. That leaves a lot of wiggle room for interpretation.  I chose a line from Christopher Cross' song Sailing as my inspiration.  The line is "the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see..."...

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