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New Colors and On the Road Again

All our great new colors for Splendor, Goddess Sport, Penelope, Monte Carlo and Kona Coast are named and tagged and up on the website.  I think you'll love them!  They were all nicely resting in their cubbies when I took these pictures. Splendor   Goddess Sport   Penelope   Monte Carlo   Kona Coast but now are packed up and loaded.  We will be setting up at the Marriott Sugar Land in Sugar Land, TX this afternoon for the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas conference this weekend.  We opted to pass on the trailer and just take our cars.  It's the first trial for my new Prius V and it looks like it will do an admirable job.  Peggy's Jeep has been...

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Frame Looms For Sale

We have put together a group of frame loom weaving equipment that includes triangle and rectangle looms, stands and accessories.  This is a great package for someone who already teaches weaving on frame looms or for someone who would like to start. All of this equipment goes as one package and no part of it will be sold separately. We taught triangle weaving classes for several years using these looms and have moved on to other things.  Both Peggy and I have, love and continue to use our big 7' adjustable triangle looms but the rest of the equipment needs to go to someone who will use it. This package includes: 1 - 7' Adjustable Rectangle Loom in Oak from...

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Taking Pictures

As I have said before, Peggy and I share the responsibilities for maintaining Sky Loom Weavers.  Part of her job is to reskein all the yarn we dye.  Part of my job is to take that beautifully reskeined yarn and get it tagged and photographed and up on the website. It's a little hard to sell what isn't on the website.   This past Tuesday at our Katy Spinners meeting, Peggy gave me two big bags of yarn that she had reskeined.  And all of it done since our Sunday dye day.  She had been working hard at the skein winder!   I figured it would only take me a couple of minutes to get it all on the website....

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Tuesday Night's Adventure

This past Tuesday evening was our meeting of the Katy Spinners.  It's a group of spinners that meets once a month at Peggy's house for spinning and chatting and laughing and mutual support of our spinning addictions. This meeting was a smaller group than normal because of the expected bad storms that evening. We usually meet from about 6pm to about 8pm although the times can start earlier or later and finish earlier or later depending on how much fun we're having. The storms were predicted to hit out in Katy during that exact time.  And they did. The winds picked up and the rains started about 7pm.  The thunder boomed and the winds howled.  It really was a storm....

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Spring Dye Day

Peggy was here Sunday and we dyed up a storm!  We hadn't dyed cotton blend yarn in a while so worked hard to get all our white inventory of Monte Carlo and Penelope changed into wonderful bright colors. We also dyed some wool yarn, Goddess Sport, Kona Coast and Splendor to round out our color options. And we dyed up some wonderful Panda fiber.  No, it's not actually Panda, it's superwash Merino wool, rayon of bamboo and nylon.  Think of it as the perfect fiber to spin into the perfect yarn to knit into the perfect socks!  We only had a few 4 ounce bumps of Panda left and while they are all beautiful, then tend towards pastel colors rather...

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