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Marigold Color Test

We grow a lot of marigolds.  I pick them and dry them and we sell them as natural dye material.  I know they give good color.  Every year we do a color test on the marigolds we sell but it's usually early to mid summer and the colors have always been wonderful. We've never been disappointed.   But, here it is mid-October and I'm still picking marigold blossoms and drying them.   Dyeing with natural dyes is always magic.  And a bit of a crap shoot.  The color you get from any plant varies with the amount of sun, the amount of rain, the heat, the cold, etc. Basically anything that can change in the plant's life can and will...

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Fall is Coming

Our temperatures are still in the middle 90's but you can tell Fall is on the way.  The marigolds that have been bursting with blooms all summer long are starting to slow down.  All summer long I've been picking two large buckets of flowers every 2 to 3 days.  Now I'm picking a small bucket's worth every 5 days or so.   There are still some buds on the plants so we aren't finished for the year but you can see the change.  Fortunately, we have lots of dried marigolds on hand for all your fall dyeing needs.

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It's Marigold Time Again

I have always loved marigolds.  I love the way they small and I love the colors.  I love that they will help keep the bugs away from your vegetables.  I love that they are easy to grow.  And I especially love that I have a great reason to grow them now.  They are a great dye. Depending on your choice of mordant, you can get lots of different colors with marigolds although they are all in the yellow to orange family.  Alum will give you a bright yellow.  It's even a brighter yellow with tin.  Chrome adds a golden tint anyway so marigolds are a rich golden orange.  Copper adds a greenish tone to the yellow and iron saddens the...

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