Happy New Year!


We had a very quiet new year's eve.  My husband and I braved the drive into Katy, TX and had dinner at Perry's Steakhouse.  We got the earliest reservation we could and were there promptly at 4:45.  We had an OK dinner.  The restaurant was quiet and calm when we arrived and by the time we left it was hopping.  I love quiet and calm and am not so enthusiastic about hopping.  The service was OK, the food was OK although more expensive than I would have liked.  Next year we will probably select a different restaurant for our early dinner.  The best part about the evening was getting home by 7 pm before the drunks and crazy people were out on the roads. None of the animals would like fireworks and besides all our kids are grown so we just quietly settled in.  Like I said, it was a quiet evening.  We were in bed asleep long before the giant ball dropped in Times Square.

Sunday morning, new year's day, Peggy was out here bright and early to work on our annual inventory.  She brought breakfast tacos and we got right to it.  Every year we decide we need to cut back on the number of items we offer so the inventory process will be easier.  I think we have accomplished a bit of that this year.  I had done all the preperation work - noting all our sales and what we bought from our suppliers - before Sunday morning so the counting went quickly.  Peggy was walking out of here at lunchtime.  I've been working on the final wrap-up since then.  Some of our items aren't really tagged the way they should be and I've been redesigning our inventory spreadsheet to be more friendly.  And I'm working on our next order to Schacht.  We have run low on several things plus they are carrying some new books that I need to check out.

We continue to have very weird weather.  Our winters run to mild but this year has been even more odd than normal.  Having temperatures up in the 80's in December and January is just as odd for us as having temperatures down in the teens.  So far I haven't seen any bad side effects of the odd weather.  The animals are all fine and dandy.  It looks like I will be ordering some more hay in the next week or so.  Larry Janicek, my wonderful hay man, called me earlier this fall and I told him I was fine for now. He assured me he had lots of hay in the barn so I just need to call him.

With the inventory nearly completed, we are ramping up for Roc Day.  I'll explain the history of it tomorrow.  Plan on dropping by on Sunday January 8th if you are in the area.  We would love to see you!