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Accounting has never been my thing.  I'm a pretty good bookkeeper, though.  I love filling out forms which is sort of what bookkeeping is.  Make sure all the entries add up both across and down the page.  Make sure you have all the receipts and get them entered correctly.  Balance the checkbook on at least a sort of regular basis.  I'm good with all of that. What stymies me is the overarching structure.  Like where do I put the individual columns? Do I start with the Net Income or does that go on the far end?  Exactly what needs to be detailed and what can be lumped.  And what is it I really want to know, anyway? Peggy and I...

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Happy New Year!

  We had a very quiet new year's eve.  My husband and I braved the drive into Katy, TX and had dinner at Perry's Steakhouse.  We got the earliest reservation we could and were there promptly at 4:45.  We had an OK dinner.  The restaurant was quiet and calm when we arrived and by the time we left it was hopping.  I love quiet and calm and am not so enthusiastic about hopping.  The service was OK, the food was OK although more expensive than I would have liked.  Next year we will probably select a different restaurant for our early dinner.  The best part about the evening was getting home by 7 pm before the drunks and crazy people...

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