Please Come to Our 2009 Roc Day Celebration!

St. Distaff Day

We are having a Roc Day celebration at the new Sky Loom Weavers studio in Cat Spring on Sunday Jan 10th from noon till 4 pm.  Bring your spindle or wheel and come spin with us.  Or just come and watch.  That's fine too.  We have a selection of fiber if you want to try something new to you and all my wheels will be available if I have one you haven't tried.  We'll fire up the dye pots and the first people interested in dyeing can pick the colors.  We may have an indigo pot going too.  It will be such fun!

If you aren't familiar with Roc Day it's also called St. Distaff's Day.  Historically its the first day back to work for spinners and weavers after the Christmas holidays.  Traditionally its the day after Epiphany but since Jan 7th falls during the week we are celebrating the following weekend.

In anticipation of Roc Day, I'm trying to get all my looms warped.  Tradition says you can't leave a loom unwarped for more than a few days.  The actual number of days indicated is different in different parts of the world.  My workhorse Gilmore loom has been empty since I took the last batch of kitchen towels off a couple of months ago.  I guess I've broken that rule!  Sometimes I'm better at planning the next project than at others.  I'm almost done putting a linen warp on the Gilmore for a dresser scarf for my daughter Katy.  A belated wedding present.  The next one on the list is my new huge Cranbrook.  I finally got it put together and now need to tackle the tie-ups.  It's a countermarche loom so the set up is twice as complicated as my other jack looms.  I think I'll be able to get it done by Roc Day.