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We lost Orion this past week.  He was walking slow and seemed uncomfortable so I took a look at him.  By the time I got to him he was down and I couldn't get him up.  My brother helped me get him into the goat box on the back of my truck and I took him to the vet.  My wonderful vet, Dr. Michael Ridlen diagnosed him with pneumonia.  Orion was running a fever over 107 degrees (102 to 103 is normal) with shallow breathing and a runny nose. My first reaction was - give him a shot of Amoxicillin or the goat version of same and he'll be fine.  No. Pneumonia in goats and sheep doesn't respond that easily....

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Tour de Fleece

It's been a long month since I've been able to post here.  It's been busy and full of changes. Here is a partial list.   One knee replaced - my husband Ron is recovering nicely. Our grandsons have spent a couple of weekends here so my daughter could study. Nursing school is going great! I've had plenty of time to knit in various waiting rooms and have made great progress. "Geology" is finished but needs to be washed and blocked.  I'll post  picture when that happens.  I'm working on "A Walk on the Moon" right now. Goats are well on the road to being healthy again - several sick ones spent some time in the barn but all are back out...

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Spring Cleaning

My wonderful vet, Dr. Michael Ridlen, and his crew of three arrived bright and early Thursday morning for our annual livestock spring cleaning.  They were driving out the driveway after being here only about an hour.  Fast work by a crack team. All the goats got their CDT and rabies shots.  CDT stands for Clostridium perfringens types C and D and tetanus. The shot doesn't necessarily give complete protection against the enterotoxemia caused by these types of bacteria but it will tend to minimize symptoms of infection and lessen the likelihood of death.  It's given annually in the spring.   I have said before that I live in rabies central for Colorado County so all the livestock get rabies shots.  Legally, rabies shots...

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Successful Shearing

Shearing is sort of like having your test paper graded.  You get to see if all your hard work or studying has taught you enough to do well on the exam.  There is nothing like taking all the hair off curly wooly goats to see how they really look.  Do they have mites or lice you hadn't noticed and therefore hadn't treated?  Have you been feeding them the correct amount so they are a healthy weight?  Any sores or injuries that you didn't see through all the curls?  Has the parasite battle been going in your favor?  It all comes out in the daylight when the fleeces are sheared away. I'm pleased with how the goats look!  They are all...

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Moving Animals.... Again

Millie and Morha, my new to me but aging goats, have been down in the front pasture for the last month.  We all needed a timeout.  Millie needed some time to herself to recoup from her daily panic attacks.  Morha needed to realize that being with the herd is a good thing and being a good citizen would get her back there.  OK.  I may be anthropomorphizing just a bit. I also needed a timeout from goats beating up on each other.  So the girls spent nearly a month in the front pasture.   Then we had a couple of nights where the coyotes were really howling.  And it was about to turn cooler.   Morha and Millie were in the...

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