Tour de Fleece

It's been a long month since I've been able to post here.  It's been busy and full of changes. Here is a partial list.  

One knee replaced - my husband Ron is recovering nicely.

Our grandsons have spent a couple of weekends here so my daughter could study. Nursing school is going great!

I've had plenty of time to knit in various waiting rooms and have made great progress. "Geology" is finished but needs to be washed and blocked.  I'll post  picture when that happens.  I'm working on "A Walk on the Moon" right now.

Goats are well on the road to being healthy again - several sick ones spent some time in the barn but all are back out in the pasture now.  I'm keeping the goat box in the truck bed for now in case any more of them need to visit the vet.  Thank you Dr. Michael Ridlen!


The A/C is now running happily in both the house and the studio - neither of them went completely out but both were struggling to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level. Thank you Judd Toepperwein!


The dog, Sadie, had a great week at the spa while Ron was in the hospital - she came back clean and sweet smelling and exhausted from all the fun.


The Houston Fiber Festival was great - lots of old and new friends, some wonderful yarn found and purchased, some new lace patterns snapped up along with some great ideas for beading the next shawl and for weaving the next batch of kitchen towels.

There is lots of new handspun yarn up on the website - I'm so pleased with how the pictures turned out.


Steele, our remaining Welsh pony, is looking better - I've been treating his hooves 4 to 5 times per week and my farrier is happy with the progress.


And now the Tour de Fleece has started!  I jumped on my spinning wheel yesterday evening and fully intend to spin some every day for the next 23 days or so.  I guess Peggy and I are our own team but without any team meetings so far.  Go team go!