Moving Animals.... Again

Millie and Morha, my new to me but aging goats, have been down in the front pasture for the last month.  We all needed a timeout.  Millie needed some time to herself to recoup from her daily panic attacks.  Morha needed to realize that being with the herd is a good thing and being a good citizen would get her back there.  OK.  I may be anthropomorphizing just a bit. I also needed a timeout from goats beating up on each other.  So the girls spent nearly a month in the front pasture.  

Then we had a couple of nights where the coyotes were really howling.  And it was about to turn cooler.   Morha and Millie were in the only pasture on this property that has a fenceline on the front road which makes them more vulnerable to whatever comes down the road.  And there really is safety in numbers.  So I decided to bring them back across the property and put them back in the larger herd.


They have been in with the group for almost a week now and it all seems to be going well.  Millie is not nearly as panicked as she was previously and both Millie and Morha have gotten to know Twill and Pi who they had not yet met.  Morha has decided she loves Pi and they spend a lot of time together.  Millie is still slightly more flighty than the other goats and the most likely to startle at a loud noise but is having a great time wandering about with different goats depending on the day.  And it turns out that Twill is more of a recluse than I suspected initially.  He likes being off by himself but still with the herd.  It's an interesting balance to watch.