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Spring Cleaning

My wonderful vet, Dr. Michael Ridlen, and his crew of three arrived bright and early Thursday morning for our annual livestock spring cleaning.  They were driving out the driveway after being here only about an hour.  Fast work by a crack team. All the goats got their CDT and rabies shots.  CDT stands for Clostridium perfringens types C and D and tetanus. The shot doesn't necessarily give complete protection against the enterotoxemia caused by these types of bacteria but it will tend to minimize symptoms of infection and lessen the likelihood of death.  It's given annually in the spring.   I have said before that I live in rabies central for Colorado County so all the livestock get rabies shots.  Legally, rabies shots...

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I easily got the goats into their stall in the barn this morning for feeding and wormed them on the way out of the stall afterwards.  It was as easy as I thought it would be.  The llamas/alpacas were a bit more tricky.  Stash, Tucker and Smoky were all worm free so they needed to go into one stall and be fed just their normal kibble.  Shiraz and the two alpacas, Rascal and Scamp, needed to be a stall together so they could get their normal feed plus the pelleted wormer.  That makes the first of the two possible disasters.  But everyone went in the correct stall!  Yea for me and for Ron's help.  Husbands can be very useful.

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