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Spring Update

As I have mentioned before, we live out in the country so our internet access is interesting.  Interesting as in it cuts out with no warning, or just won't open up, or fades to dial up speed.  I know part of this issue is data usage although I'm not really sure what data I'm using or why sometimes I seem to have data available late into the night and at other times I can't get on line past about noon.  I have a daily plan so the data refreshes every day.  Fortunately, the email system seems to work regardless. I've been stockpiling blog post ideas but haven't been able to get online for any appreciable time in weeks.  I should...

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Successful Shearing

Shearing is sort of like having your test paper graded.  You get to see if all your hard work or studying has taught you enough to do well on the exam.  There is nothing like taking all the hair off curly wooly goats to see how they really look.  Do they have mites or lice you hadn't noticed and therefore hadn't treated?  Have you been feeding them the correct amount so they are a healthy weight?  Any sores or injuries that you didn't see through all the curls?  Has the parasite battle been going in your favor?  It all comes out in the daylight when the fleeces are sheared away. I'm pleased with how the goats look!  They are all...

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New Goats

My wonderful shearer, Stephen Franco, lives out in Rock Springs, TX.  He swings through this part of the state twice a year to shear all the goats he can line up, including mine.  Last spring I asked him to be on the lookout for some nice goats for me.  I don't breed here so we didn't need a herd sire, nor do we need does.  I have nothing against the females but they tend to be more valuable and therefore more expensive because they can produce kids for years.  What I have, for the most part, are wethered males. These males were not considered perfect enough to be sold as herd sires so they are sold off as extras - less expensive...

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Gloucester and the Funny Goats

Gloucester is a diary goat that lives with his friends Harvard and Fitz, who are also dairy goats.  They know they are the most beautiful and useful goats in the world.  They play and run and look for the very best weeds to eat.  And sometimes they laugh at the funny goats they live with. A few days ago Mama Food let all the goats into the barn and fed them in the large stall.   The alpacas and llamas ate their food out in the pasture so Gloucester knew that something was happening only to the goats.  They stayed in the stall all day long.  Shakespeare, the oldest goat was there.  So was Bernadette, the only lady goat in the...

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Off with the Old, On with the New

A couple of delightful changes happened today.  First, Stephen Franco arrived this afternoon to shear the goats.  Stephen is a wonderful shearer and he always does a great job.  When I think how long it took for me to find a great shearer I'm amazed.  It would take me hours of work to do what he does in about 5 minutes.  And he does such a great job while when I did them the goats looked like they had been attacked by a four year old who got his hands on Mama's scissors. We are down to only four Angora goats now since we lost Paxton a couple of weeks ago.  It was a sad goodbye to a great goat...

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