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Gloucester and the Funny Goats

Gloucester is a diary goat that lives with his friends Harvard and Fitz, who are also dairy goats.  They know they are the most beautiful and useful goats in the world.  They play and run and look for the very best weeds to eat.  And sometimes they laugh at the funny goats they live with. A few days ago Mama Food let all the goats into the barn and fed them in the large stall.   The alpacas and llamas ate their food out in the pasture so Gloucester knew that something was happening only to the goats.  They stayed in the stall all day long.  Shakespeare, the oldest goat was there.  So was Bernadette, the only lady goat in the...

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Gloucester's Adventure - Again!

"Wait!  How is this possible?" thought Gloucester.  He thought this all seemed very familiar and that he had been here before.  Yes, he was stuck in the gate again - in the very same gate, watching the very same Barking Dog chasing the very same Meows.  This was embarrassing. Hmmmmm.  It was almost time to be fed so maybe Mama Food would be here soon.  Gloucester hoped so.  Nobody was bothering him even though the llamas and alpacas were all there waiting to be fed too but he was getting tired of standing in one place.  The other goats didn't bother him either but they were all clustered around the gate into the barn, the gate that would take them...

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Gloucester Visits a Friend

Gloucester the goat lives with his friends Harvard and Fitz and five Angora goats on a farm in Texas. They spend most of each day jumping and climbing and playing and eating out in the pasture.  But sometimes something is different.  This morning Mama Food let all the goats into the pen for breakfast as usual but when they were all finished eating and all the other animals had been fed she did something different.  She let most of the goats go back out into the pasture but she kept Gloucester in the pen. Gloucester was a little bit worried.  He watched all his friends run out to check on the llamas' feed bins.  They did this every morning because...

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The Adventures of Gloucester the Goat

    Gloucester is a dairy goat.  He tells all the other goats that he is all grown up but they know he is just a kid.  Gloucester runs and plays and climbs the mountain with all the other goats. His two best friends are also dairy goats and their names are Harvard and Fitz.  All three goats came from a place that names the new goats each spring with the same letter and the letters go in the order of the alphabet.  Once you know that you can tell that Fitz is the oldest, Gloucester is a year younger and Harvard is the youngest.  Harvard is two years old this year so Gloucester is three years old and Fitz...

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