Gloucester's Adventure - Again!

"Wait!  How is this possible?" thought Gloucester.  He thought this all seemed very familiar and that he had been here before.  Yes, he was stuck in the gate again - in the very same gate, watching the very same Barking Dog chasing the very same Meows.  This was embarrassing.

Hmmmmm.  It was almost time to be fed so maybe Mama Food would be here soon.  Gloucester hoped so.  Nobody was bothering him even though the llamas and alpacas were all there waiting to be fed too but he was getting tired of standing in one place.  The other goats didn't bother him either but they were all clustered around the gate into the barn, the gate that would take them to the feed bins hanging on the fence.

"Baaaa!  Baaaa!"

OK.  Mama Food was coming now.  She opened the gate and all the other goats ran into the pen.

"Baaa!  Baaa!"

Yes, Mama Food was pretty smart.  She saw him right away and ran to get some tools.  She came and cut some pieces out of the gate while Gloucester stood very still like a grown-up goat.  Then he could move his head and he was free!  Gloucester was very relieved but the goats had already finished off all the feed in the bins.  There was nothing left for him to eat!  Then Mama Food came out from behind the barn with a new bucket of feed just for him.  It was kind of funny because all the llamas wanted to help him eat his feed.  Mama Food chased them around and around the pen until she got them all out through the gate.

Now Gloucester was all alone in the smallest pen behind the barn.  He stuck his nose into the feed bucket and calmly ate everything there was to eat.  When he was finished the llamas and alpacas were up in their pasture eating their own feed.  And the other goats were clustered around the gate wanting to help him eat his feed.  But there wasn't any left to share.

Yes, it was scary and a little bit embarrassing to get caught in the gate.  But it was nice to have your very own bucket of feed with no one trying to help you eat it.  But it was nicest of all to run out into the pastures with all the other animals for a day of running and playing and climbing the mountain.

Much later in the day he noticed Noisy Man putting some wire on the gate.  "I don't think I'll have any more trouble with that gate", thought Gloucester. And he was right.