Goat Update

I apologize for taking so long but our internet has had its own agenda this week and that did not include letting me get online.

Star is doing great.  You will remember she was stabbed by one our other new goats and spent three days at the vet's.  She came home with antibiotic shots and doctor's orders for bed rest.  She went back to the vet's this past Wednesday and was upgraded to light duty.  Instead of being confined to her stall, she can go out in the pens and graze but still no close-up interaction with the other goats and I'm still washing off her underbelly.  The hole is much smaller but still there and still draining hence the ongoing hydrotherapy. Today was the first time she indicated an interest in going out to graze but she had no interest in the rest of the goats being fed just across the fence. She doesn't like anything to do with the hose so she runs from me when I grab the lead rope I use to tie her to the fence.  She is better but still old and slow so catching her isn't a problem but I'm glad to see her spunk return.  I will touch base with the vet this coming week to evaluate her status further.  I'm just so thrilled she is still with us.  

The other new goats, Morha and Millie, are still running with the boys.  I let them back in the barn the very first night they were out in the pasture - it was raining and the boys weren't interested in letting them share the shelter.  Since then it hasn't been a problem. I'm not sure if the original herd has accepted the new ones or if the ladies have figured out they can bully their way in with no repercussions.  Either way, all of the goats come running together when it's time to eat, they jostle and shove each other to get close to me if I have treats and they all run out of the paddock after feeding together.