Pedy's Next Big Story

As I said yesterday, I received a couple of interesting emails from my husband while we were in Oklahoma last weekend.  Yesterday's story was the first one sent to me by our new investigative reporter, Pedy the cat.  Here is the second story I received.

“Good Morning, this is Pedy live on tape in Colorado County, Texas.

Our top story this morning is a dramatic rescue at the Nelson Ranch just outside of the small community of Bernardo.  We reported from here earlier in the week.

This morning at 8:30 am all the animals gathered for breakfast.  However, one goat was missing.  Dr. Ron Nelson, known to the livestock population here as Noisy Man fed the gathered goats and llamas and went looking for the missing goat.  He found Harvard caught between an open gate and the fence it is chained to between pastures 4 & 5.  When Harvard heard noisy man, he started bleating, meaning that at this point he was still alive.  Apparently, Harvard had wedged himself between the gate and fence and his horns kept him from backing out.  Harvard was unable to explain how long he had been there.  Harvard was delighted to be freed, but his joy was short lived, as the ranch dog, Sadie, appeared out of nowhere and chased him for about 5 minutes, until Noisy Man intervened.  Noisy Man then took Sadie back to the house and continued on to feed the pony.

Harvard received a private seating for breakfast and was forthwith returned to the flock.

All involved are expected to recover completely.

Now back to the morning news.

Thank You,