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Thank You Notes

When I was young, my mother and grandmother expected me to write thank you notes to the people, usually older relatives, who gave me gifts.  It was battle of wills after Christmas and my birthday.  They insisted I write the notes, I hated the process, never knew what to say and so always resisted.  As an adult, I do a terrible job of thank you notes.  I always say Thank You in person.  I always send Thank You notes via email. But hand write Thank You notes?  Not so much.  It's a lesson I did not learn in my youth. While writing thank you notes can be tedious, receiving them is wonderful.  That is why you are supposed to write...

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A Catch Up Day

  I have been working hard all this last week and weekend on a special project.  My new favorite plumber, Kenneth Amador, asked me to make his wife Donna a warm blanket for her birthday since she is always cold.  It's not a blanket for the bed but a lap robe for cuddling up with on the couch. Her favorite colors are pink and purple so pink and purple it is.  I'll show you lots of pictures when it's finished.  For now, know that I've been working hard on it.  Her birthday was yesterday and we didn't quite make it by then but Kenneth and Donna came out here on Sunday to see what I was doing and to watch...

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HCC Textile Class

We had a great group of people out here on Wednesday morning.  It was this semester's textiles class at Houston Community College (HCC).  The textiles class is part of the Interior Design program and I think it's offered each spring.  Their wonderful teacher, Shasta Beveridge, likes to bring the class out here for a field trip.  We love it!   This year we had about 20 people in total including Shasta and her daughter.  The group gets to see fiber animals and learn something about how they live, how often we shear them, what their fiber looks, feels and smells like.  We always have a dye pot or two going so the class can play with adding dyes and seeing...

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