HCC Textile Class

We had a great group of people out here on Wednesday morning.  It was this semester's textiles class at Houston Community College (HCC).  The textiles class is part of the Interior Design program and I think it's offered each spring.  Their wonderful teacher, Shasta Beveridge, likes to bring the class out here for a field trip.  We love it!  

This year we had about 20 people in total including Shasta and her daughter.  The group gets to see fiber animals and learn something about how they live, how often we shear them, what their fiber looks, feels and smells like.  We always have a dye pot or two going so the class can play with adding dyes and seeing how the process works. We did three pots of commercial dyes and two natural dyes so they were a big help in my getting some dye work accomplished.  They got to pick the colors and we ended up with three sumptuous colorways.

We always demonstrate both spinning and weaving so the class gets to see the process from live animal to finished product.  It's a shortened explanation, of course, since they are only here for several hours, but they all seem to enjoy it.  

As usual, we will be excited to see them again next year!