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Donna's Blanket

I've been working on Donna's blanket for the last couple of weeks or so.  It came about because Donna's husband, Kenneth Amador, wanted a nice warm lap robe for Donna for her birthday.  As you may have already learned in my previous blogs, Donna's birthday was last Monday.  I didn't quite get it finished by then but Kenneth and Donna came out here on Sunday evening to see what I was doing.  Donna was thrilled with the blanket and on one hand said "I don't want to rush you at all, but.." and on the other hand "I can't wait for you to finish this!"  I think we have a successful gift in the works. I had hoped to have...

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A Catch Up Day

  I have been working hard all this last week and weekend on a special project.  My new favorite plumber, Kenneth Amador, asked me to make his wife Donna a warm blanket for her birthday since she is always cold.  It's not a blanket for the bed but a lap robe for cuddling up with on the couch. Her favorite colors are pink and purple so pink and purple it is.  I'll show you lots of pictures when it's finished.  For now, know that I've been working hard on it.  Her birthday was yesterday and we didn't quite make it by then but Kenneth and Donna came out here on Sunday to see what I was doing and to watch...

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