Donna's Blanket

I've been working on Donna's blanket for the last couple of weeks or so.  It came about because Donna's husband, Kenneth Amador, wanted a nice warm lap robe for Donna for her birthday.  As you may have already learned in my previous blogs, Donna's birthday was last Monday.  I didn't quite get it finished by then but Kenneth and Donna came out here on Sunday evening to see what I was doing.  Donna was thrilled with the blanket and on one hand said "I don't want to rush you at all, but.." and on the other hand "I can't wait for you to finish this!"  I think we have a successful gift in the works.

I had hoped to have the blanket finished by Wednesday but the week didn't quite go as planned.  Monday was a much needed catch-up day.  Tuesday I wove on the blanket and got it almost but not quite ready to pull off the loom.  Wednesday was grandson #2's first adventure with a visit to the dentist that included a filling.  It turned out I brought him home with me afterwards so his mommy could get to school.  And Thursday I woke up feeling horrible and could barely get out of bed.  I felt better through the day but never made the trek from my house out to the studio.

So here it is Friday and I'm weaving!  I feel great - a 24 hour bug, perhaps? - and will get this wonderful blanket finished today!

<  Penny happily sits down at the loom and weaves!  >

 Whew!  I finished weaving the blanket and it's off the loom!  I'll wash it tonight, block it and let it dry over night, then twist the fringe and it will be finished!  I'm sure Donna will be pleased.