A Catch Up Day


I have been working hard all this last week and weekend on a special project.  My new favorite plumber, Kenneth Amador, asked me to make his wife Donna a warm blanket for her birthday since she is always cold.  It's not a blanket for the bed but a lap robe for cuddling up with on the couch. Her favorite colors are pink and purple so pink and purple it is.  I'll show you lots of pictures when it's finished.  For now, know that I've been working hard on it.  Her birthday was yesterday and we didn't quite make it by then but Kenneth and Donna came out here on Sunday to see what I was doing and to watch me weave a bit on it.  Donna was very pleased and it was so much fun.

Then came yesterday.  It just had to be a catch-up day.  Having been very focused on Donna's blanket, not to mention my husband's knee replacement, I have let a lot of things slide.  It was time to play catch up and get things back in order.  So I washed clothes, hanging all my linen shirts out to air dry.  I had jumped up on a ladder to adjust the curtain rods in the living room and realized how filthy the curtains were.  So I had to wash them. And being linen, they had to be hung out to dry, then ironed before they were put back up.

The HCC people were here last Wednesday we did some dyeing.  The fiber we dyed was all laid out on my husband's workbench to dry so it all needed to be carried into the studio.  I'll bag and tag it at some point soon but for now Ron's workshop is back to being his again. We also did a couple of pots of natural dyes which have been sitting out in the dye shed since last Wed.  I rinsed out the yarn, spun out the water and hung it all up to dry.  Then I washed all the "dishes" in the dye shed - pots, strainers, lids, thermometers, glass dye bottles and lids.  Then wiped off the counters and hosed out the floor.  It's now bright and clean and ready for our next dye day.

I was fast running out of laundry detergent so I made a new batch.  I love my homemade laundry detergent.  The recipe is easy and it works great.  It's so much cheaper than buying laundry detergent at the store and I'm sure it's better for the environment.

I swept the tack room in the barn, folded all the clothes I'd washed, straightened out the closet, did the dishes in the studio. Ron and I read through our taxes and approved them to be filed with the IRS.  I sorted through all the paperwork sitting on my desk and paid all the bills.  I even did some filing.  Yikes.  

I worked hard all day long, got lots of little things done and am happy that my life is about as caught up as it can be.  Now back to finishing Donna's blanket.  It should be finished in a day or two and I'll take some pictures.