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Happy Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas.  In Britain, Boxing Day started out as the day when the charity boxes present in churches were opened and the money given to the poor.  Over that last thousand years or so it morphed into gifts for the staff who had to work hard on Christmas Day and spent the next day with their families and into tips or small gifts for people like the mailman or the plumber. There are lots of current festivities on Boxing Day in Canada, Australia and other areas with British heritage in addition to Britain itself and across Europe.  There are various sporting events associated with the day also but I like the idea of a day...

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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

We will be open our regular hours this coming Friday December 23rd (10 am to 4 pm) but closed on Saturday and Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We have lots of great tools and supplies available for the spinner, the weaver, the knitter and crocheter.  We also have great finished products including hand woven kitchen towels, shawls both hand woven and hand knitted, wonderful wooden benches, wooden boxes and bowls. Stop by on Friday.  We would love to see you! And don't forget Roc Day, Sunday January 8th from 10 am to 4 pm here at the studio. 

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Christmas Season Update

Merry December!  Christmas shopping has arrived.  We had a booth at the Ladies Night Out celebration in Columbus, TX this past Thursday, December 1st.  We had a great time, saw lots of old friends and met lots of new ones.  We talked to quite a few women who are interested in learning or re-learning how to knit.  I think our January will be full of happy accomplishments for all. I will fight my way to the back of the loft and extricate our small Christmas tree so I can put it up and enjoy it for this month.  We did this last year and I loved it.  I have always loved Christmas trees and having a small one out here...

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