Happy Boxing Day

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas.  In Britain, Boxing Day started out as the day when the charity boxes present in churches were opened and the money given to the poor.  Over that last thousand years or so it morphed into gifts for the staff who had to work hard on Christmas Day and spent the next day with their families and into tips or small gifts for people like the mailman or the plumber. There are lots of current festivities on Boxing Day in Canada, Australia and other areas with British heritage in addition to Britain itself and across Europe.  There are various sporting events associated with the day also but I like the idea of a day to be thankful for the help one gets from others.  If I had a staff to see to my needs throughout the year I would certainly want to thank them for all that work.  As it is, I am thankful for a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with family and friends.

We had 12 adults and 5 kids age 6 and under for Christmas Eve.  It was chaos.  It was also fun and noisy and full of laughter and giggling and racing through the house and eating all sorts of things one shouldn't.  It was completely exhausting and totally wonderful.

Christmas Day was a little bit quieter with half the number of adults and only 4 little kids.  There was more eating and opening presents.  T-ball didn't work very well because of the high winds but the new bicycle was ridden, the old saddle worked perfectly on the new saddle rack and all the little kids worked on getting up onto and down off the saddle.  

It was great that both friends and family were thinking of our studio this year. We've added some fun things like the llama welcome mat, a wonderful new goat picture, a super new sheep picture which actually came for my birthday but just got hung up over Christmas, and one of our favorite quotes turned into a wonderful sign.

This quote is part of a Tewa Indian song about their close relationship with nature. This poem is where we got our name Sky Loom Weavers.

And I finally have a tissue paper drawer.  Peggy and I saw one a while back at a great little shop when we were in Boerne, TX for the Kid 'n Ewe show.  I've wanted one ever since.  Now I have a place to wrap up items in tissue paper for shipment. Yea!