Christmas Season Update

Merry December!  Christmas shopping has arrived.  We had a booth at the Ladies Night Out celebration in Columbus, TX this past Thursday, December 1st.  We had a great time, saw lots of old friends and met lots of new ones.  We talked to quite a few women who are interested in learning or re-learning how to knit.  I think our January will be full of happy accomplishments for all.

I will fight my way to the back of the loft and extricate our small Christmas tree so I can put it up and enjoy it for this month.  We did this last year and I loved it.  I have always loved Christmas trees and having a small one out here in the studio only adds to the seasonfor me.

Speaking of Christmas trees, I'm about to change a long held tradition at my house.  I have always had a live tree.  My parents followed that tradition and I have always done the same.  This year is different.  Yes, Peggy, the pigs are flying out here!  I just ordered an artificial tree.  The live trees just seem to get heavier each year.  I don't mind the drive into town to shop for one but hauling it home in my big truck and wrangling it into the house is getting harder and harder.  Then there is remembering to water it every couple of days, which somehow is getting harder for me also.  It dries out fairly quickly and drops needles everywhere and need to be cleaned up.  The dried up tree does generally burn nicely on our burn pile but that seems less and less value to me.

I've ordered the tree and it should be here next week.  It will come already full of lights and I'm really looking forward to that.  I anticipate having lots of energy to hang our ornaments, something I've been too exhausted to help with in previous years.