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Hello World!

Hello World!   We have been out of touch this week.  No internet to let me get online and update the products on the website or to write a blog.  This is the one part of living out in the county I hate.  Peggy has wonderful consistent internet at her house.  So does my son. They live in town.  My daughter lives out in the country like I do and her internet in just as intermittent as mine.  I don't want to move back into town, at least not till I'm incapable of living out here, but the lousy internet is really annoying. I don't' understand how we can get continue to get email but not get to a website.  One...

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My Internet Epiphany

I had occasion to learn all manner of things about my internet connection this past week. I wrote out a huge long angry tirade about the entire issue.  Now that I've reread it, I realize there is no sense boring you with my rantings.  Here is the executive summary. 1.  Now, I'm streaming.  I wasn't sure I knew what that was when I first heard the term but now I know.  I'm trying to use Netflix instead of paying for all the premium channels on DirecTV that we only rarely watched.  It saves me a ton of money but it means now I have to worry about data usage and download speed. 2.  I really do have data usage issues.  I...

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