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Hello World!

Hello World!  

We have been out of touch this week.  No internet to let me get online and update the products on the website or to write a blog.  This is the one part of living out in the county I hate.  Peggy has wonderful consistent internet at her house.  So does my son. They live in town.  My daughter lives out in the country like I do and her internet in just as intermittent as mine.  I don't want to move back into town, at least not till I'm incapable of living out here, but the lousy internet is really annoying.

I don't' understand how we can get continue to get email but not get to a website.  One of the many things I don't understand.

I find I can immerse myself in working on our website or researching a blog and look up hours later and the day is gone.  With that in mind, the advantage of being out of contact is the amount of weaving I manage to get done.  I'm almost finished with the run of face cloths I've been working on and the run of kitchen towels on my new computer controlled loom.  I put 15 yards of warp on each loom so for face cloths that are 17" in length on the loom that works out to about 30 face cloths give or take some loom waste.  The kitchen towels are 36" in length on the loom so I should get 13 towels and a bread cloth by the time I'm finished.  Of course, both the face cloths and the towels will be washed and hemmed so their final measurements will be smaller than what's measured on the loom.

The face cloths will be matched with a bar of goat's milk soap and should be appearing on the website in the next couple of weeks.  I just heard from Lori Talbott that the soap is all ready to go.  I love Lori's soap and I'm really pleased we can continue to talk her into making it for us.