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Lichen, Logwood and Navajo Carrot

I love natural dyes.  It's always an adventure.  You never know exactly what color you'll get even if it's a dye stuff you've used before.  So many things influence the color you get in the end.  Where was the plant grown?  Was there a lot of rain that spring or not much?  Was it a hot summer or cooler than normal?  When in the life cycle of the plant did you pick it?  After it flowered?  In the heat of the summer or the cool of autumn?  Everything will influence the color you get in the end.  Did you walk away and let the dye bath come to a complete boil?  Which mordant did you use and how much did...

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Natural Dye Workshop

We have been talking about having a natural dye workshop for quite a while.  I love the natural dyes although Peggy is happier with the acid and fiber reactive dyes.  It's great that we cover all the bases between us.  The Tall Pines Spinning & Weaving Guild, located in North Houston, asked us to put on the natural dye workshop for their members this spring.   I had told Gloria Chuckman, president of Tall Pines, that I thought 10 would be our maximum number of attendees.  We ended up having five, plus Peggy and I, and that turned out to be the perfect number.  Any more people and we might have been falling over each other.

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Fiber Dyeing

We dye a lot of yarn and really enjoy it.  It's easy and fun.  Indigo and other natural dyes, acid dyes, fiber reactive dyes, hand painting, vat dyeing - it's all fun and easy.  It's also exhausting since I'm not as young as I used to be and we usually do marathon days when we set up a dye day.  We mostly do a dump method.  We start with a color, say blue, and then add whatever strikes our fancy..... purple, green, pink, whatever.... until we have a color we like.  It means we always get wonderful colors we love but can never reproduce them.  We do have a couple of "recipes" for hand painted color combinations we really like, but only...

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