• Lichen, Logwood and Navajo Carrot

    I love natural dyes.  It's always an adventure.  You never know exactly what color you'll get even if it's a dye stuff you've used before.  So many...
  • Natural Dye Workshop

    We have been talking about having a natural dye workshop for quite a while.  I love the natural dyes although Peggy is happier with the acid and fiber reactive dyes.  It's great that we cover all the bases between us.  The Tall Pines Spinning & Weaving Guild, located in North Houston, asked us to put on the natural dye workshop for their members this spring.   I had told Gloria Chuckman, president of Tall Pines, that I thought 10 would be our maximum number of attendees.  We ended up having five, plus Peggy and I, and that turned out to be the perfect number.  Any more people and we might have been falling over each other.

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration is a funny thing.  It can be all around you in the colors and patterns and textures of life, in the juxtaposition of items you would never put together, in the buds of spring, the drifts of snow, the heat coming off a hot engine.  Or it can just be gone and you fear you'll never find it again.  I've spent the last part of winter and this early spring with not much inspiration.  As I've gotten older, I find I'm much more influenced by the weather than I ever used to be.  When it's been dark and gloomy for more than two or three days, I start to droop.  The sun brightens everything including my mood and my inspiration.  But we've had a lot of gloomy, raining, windy, stormy days this year.