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My Week in Maine

I love Maine.  It is far away from the greater Houston area which means it's a great spot for a get away.  My friend Nancy lives there with her goats, chickens, pigs, cats and dogs which means it's a great spot for a get away.  They don't have hurricanes in Maine and with Hurricane Harvey just a month ago that means it's a great spot to get away.  And it's far enough north that it's always cooler which makes it a great spot for a get away.  And they have fabulous fall color.  And there is a Dunkin' Donut on almost every corner.  It's going to be fabulous! Nancy and her Piper's Reach Farm is in lovely Litchfield, ME and...

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A Week in Maine

Not all vacations can be called working vacations but my week in Maine could.  I went up to visit my friend Nancy Whitbeck who used to live near me here in Texas and has moved back to her homeland in the northeast.  She bought a farm in Maine and moved all her goats and dogs up there last spring.  I have wanted to visit her ever since she moved so this trip was not only a wonderful visit to her but also a break from the summer in Texas.  Another friend, Janet Grubbs, went up there at the same time.  It was nice to have a partner in the airport and along for the ride. Nancy lives in a farm...

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