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The New Driveway is Here!

Thursday afternoon a very long trailer pulled up in front of our property.  I heard the chains clanking and rushed out in time to see a couple of guys pushing my new culvert off the trailer into the ditch.  Wow.  It's huge.  It's probably the correct size - 40' - but it looks so much longer than that. I was hoping that the crew would arrive Friday morning and they did.  I was just out of bed and dressed when I heard the dog barking and the trucks rumbling.  That was about 8:10.  By the time I grabbed my camera and got out to the front they had already made great progress on tearing up my driveway. The crew consisted...

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A New Driveway is Coming

Back in April of this year we lost a big chunk of our driveway between the gate and the street. We could still get in and out by winding our way carefully between the mailbox and the cliff edge of the wash out.  We had had a huge amount of rain and this was the first rain related damage we've had in the 11 years we've lived here.  The storms had washed out two country roads northwest of us that usually carried a huge amount of traffic along with phones over a wide area. The county crews were dealing with all of that, but they also came out to help us with the driveway.  There were wonderful.  They arrived with a...

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Bless Colorado County

Our driveway was damaged during the tax day flood a couple of weeks ago.  It happened late Sunday night into Monday morning that we lost half our driveway.  It was the worst storm with the greatest amount of rain we've seen since we moved out here in 2005.  Ron put orange flags around the hole in an attempt to not have someone drive into it.  I'm happy to report that we had no incidents or issues along those lines. We were able to get in and out by weaving a path between the hole and the stand holding the gate code tablet.  I would have been fairly frantic if we had been trapped either in or out of our property. ...

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