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Shawl Pin - Simply Curly,
Shawl Pin - Twisted Iron,

Wrought Iron Shawl Pins


Shawl pins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from the lightest whisper of metal or wood to a true heavy weight.  That's what these shawl pins are - heavy weight wrought iron.  They are not too heavy for a luxurious woolen shawl but definitely not intended for a lacy silk shawl.

These pins were made for us by Cowboy Szymanski of Phenix Knives in Bellville, Texas.  Cowboy is amazingly talented craftsman making not only very sharp things like knives and swords but also amazingly intricate and beautiful things like fireplace surrounds and stairway railings.  We were tickled that he was willing to try making us some shawl pins.

Simply Curly - Pin Length 3.25", Diameter 2.75", 1.3 Ounces

Twisted Iron - Pin Length 4", Diameter 3", 2.4 Ounces