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Cricket Heddle Hook,
Medium & Long Heddle Hooks, Sley Hook,

Heddle Hook


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This is the tool that helps you get the warp threads through the heddles on a large floor loom and through the rigid heddle in a small rigid heddle loom like the Cricket.  Most rigid heddle looms come with a heddle hook, the Cricket certainly does, but they are small and sometimes seem to sprout legs and wander off.  The long heddle hooks can also be used to sley the reed on a floor loom but you might find the sley hook more efficient.  The sley hooks are listed here and also listed separately. 

We offer three sizes of heddle hooks and a brass sley hook:

Short Heddle Hook - 6.5" long, straight hook with black plastic handle - comes with the Cricket Loom

Medium Heddle Hook - 8.5" long, straight hook with wooden handle

Long Heddle Hook - 11" long, straight hook with wooden handle

Sley Hook - 4" long