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Boat Shuttles - Maple


Schacht boat shuttles are beautifully shaped and well balanced. They are sanded smooth and then given a hand-rubbed Danish oil finish. Four sizes are available: 9", 11", 13", and 15". The smallest boat shuttle, the 9" mini, is styled after a Japanese silk shuttle. This duck-nosed shuttle is wonderful for narrow widths and fine yarns. The most popular boat shuttle, the 11" boat shuttle, is offered in slim and regular models. 

The two largest boat shuttles are 13" and 15" long, and can handle fine to medium weight yarns. Because of their extra length and yarn capacity, weavers often choose these shuttles for wider weaving widths.

We also offer slim and regular double-bobbin boat shuttles which are ideal for doubled weft threads. Two separate bobbin shafts make it possible to remove one bobbin at a time. All boat shuttles are available in hard maple and some models are also available in cherry. From time to time Schacht offers special shuttles in a variety of models and woods.

Note - We do not carry all sizes of boat shuttles in stock.  If you want a size we don't have we will order it from the factory and should receive it in about two weeks.