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Drop Spindles

Drop Spindles


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Drop spindles were a very early invention in the history of spinning fiber into yarn.  Every civilization discovered has some evidence of spinning on some sort of spindle.  Up to the invention of the first spinning wheel in the late 1300's, a spindle was the cutting edge of spinning technology.  Today they can be found in multitude of sizes and designs.  Our drop spindles are inexpensive and sturdy spinning tools that spin beautifully.  They are the perfect place to start.  Do you think you'd like to try spinning?  Here is the place to begin.

These great Schacht Hi/Lo spindles can be use either as a top whorl or as a bottom whorl and come in three sizes.

Note - We usually have these spindles in stock.  If by some chance we are out of them, they have probably already been ordered and won't take but a couple of weeks to get here.