Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was all admin work.  It was a very successful admin-work day, though.  I filed every piece of that nasty pile of paper that has been taunting me for months.   I filed my taxes and paid the tax accountant for her assistance in the process.  Well, actually I assist and she does all the heavy lifting but happily both the taxes and their preparation have been paid for. 

I cleaned up the studio, re-hung some curtains that had come down when we were washing the windows, put away yarn, wound some yarn into balls for knitting projects and found a couple of fun patterns that you will see when they are finished. 

I cleaned out the filing cabinet and carted three armloads of old files back to the house for long term storage.  I got no weaving done but felt very accomplished nonetheless.

Today is for weaving!  Well, also for shearing the goats.  Stephan Franco, my wonderful goat shearer will be here noonish to attend to the three hairy goats.  I got the goats into the barn this morning with no trouble so we are all set for Stephen to arrive.  The timing could be better since we are expected to have three mornings this coming week with temperatures near freezing.  I have bedded the stalls with lots of hay and the three soon to be naked goats will stay protected as needed.

So it's on to weaving!