Yarn Sale

If you have been to our website in the last couple of days, you probably saw that our hand dyed yarns are on sale. After much consideration and conversation, we have decided to pivot just a little bit and let these yarns go. We will still be dyeing wonderful spinning fiber and working hard on our looms to create kitchen towels, scarves and linen face cloths. Neither of us will stop knitting so there will be knitted treasures showing up on the website occasionally. And we will both continue to spin so we will have hand spun yarn on the website, as we have in the past. The only change we see going forward is the hand dyed commercial yarn. We have loved playing with this yarn and hope everyone who has bought our hand dyed yarn in the past will go on to buy from the other very talented independent dyers that can be found online and at all the fiber festivals we love so much. Of course, check out our sale first!

All of our hand dyed commercial spun yarns are on sale at 25% off. You can think of it at buy one/get one half off if that makes you happier. The result is the same except you don't need to buy two skeins of yarn. 

We will continue to carry the wonderful Schacht products that we love including looms, spinning wheels and all sorts of spinning and weaving tools along with books we find interesting and hand cream we love.

If you are interested in a larger purchase or any of the undyed yarns we still have, let me know. We can probably work out a deal to make both of us happy. I don't have a count of the undyed yarn yet but should by the end of this week.