I have had a lot of trouble this past month writing much of anything. I don't know if it's the residual angst and upset of the past year or the big freeze in February or what. Suffice it to say that sitting down at my computer to compose something just hasn't happened.  Fortunately, everything else has been rocking along.


We have continued to receive orders through the website so Sky Loom Weavers continues to rock on.  It's not the volume of sales we have at shows but we are truly appreciative of our customers who continue to look for us and buy from us.  We thank you all!


Knitting has been my happy place for much of the last year and for the first time in decades I've been knitting for myself. Peggy continues to weave on but my weaving has proceeded in fits and starts. I have managed to get some projects completed and I'm very pleased with them. I think the tide has turned for me and I'm now onto some projects that really excite me.  I will post pictures as I go along.


Most of the property has bounced back from the big freeze beautifully.  Most of the trees, shrubs and bushes are doing great although we've lost a few.  All of our citrus is gone - that's three Satsuma orange trees and two Meyer's lemon bushes.  There is a large open space where the orange trees were and we are trying to decide what we will plant there.  We are not going to replant any citrus.  I love the oranges and the lemons but as we are right at the northern most boundary for these trees to survive it's always a challenge to keep them alive. I can't count the number of Meyer's lemon trees we have replaced in the 15 years we've been in this house.


The plumbers were here this past week to replace all the plumbing in my husband's office.  It's out little guest house - living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom all compressed into a couple of small rooms. Ron loves it for an office and it would make a nice guest house if we were to use it for that. But the big freeze hit it hard.  All the pipes, small diameter plastic pipe, shattered.  After eight weeks of no water, he now has hot and cold running water! We even added a small water heater so the hot water arrives faster.  It's a long run from the water heater in the house. He is pleased.

So we are back to lovely flowers and moderating weather - except it's supposed to be down in the lower 40's overnight this coming week.  Much as I don't ever want to see freezing temperatures again, I'm really pleased that summer hasn't rushed in.  We have enough summer to go around! 

So get back to your weaving or spinning or knitting or whatever makes you happy!  Kiss you grandkids. Get your vaccinations if you haven't been able to yet.  We really do want to get back to seeing each other regularly with hugs and kisses for all!