Winter Here in Texas

I have such a wonderful nostalgic feeling about winter.  Growing up in the Chicago area meant we had lots of snow in the winter.  I fondly remember snow forts and getting off of school for snow days.  I remember fur lined boots and woolen mittens, scarves and wool skirts.  All of this is, of course, nostalgia seen through rose colored glasses.  My sister, who lives in Michigan and my sister and brother who live in western Colorado would all agree that at this point I would be hard pressed to live through the winters they manage every year.  I'm sure they are correct.  I have lived in central Texas a very long time.  Snow always looks wonderful and sounds fantastic when you don't have to shovel walkways or driveways.  Or when it melts away before you have to deal with it any way.  You can just enjoy it.


While I am never happy about the heat and humidity we have unrelentingly every summer here in central Texas, I really do love our winters.  Despite the hysteria we get from our local weathercasters, a low of 34 degrees and a high of 40 is just not a big deal.  Yes, I'm happy I'm not living on the street and want all those who are to have warm blankets and a place indoors for the night.  But this level of cold is really nice.  And any snow or ice we have really does melt quickly away.


This winter we have had more stunningly sunny but cold days than we usually have.  This is another thing I remember from my childhood.  They aren't really the same since most of those long ago days also included snow on the ground but you get the idea.  Sun always makes me happier and not sweating is a fabulous plus.

That is not to say that I don't worry about my animals.  They all have shelters that I keep well stocked with fresh hay so they are good.  I worry about 34 degrees and rain, which I still suggest is the coldest and most miserable a person can be.  Fortunately, we have not had any days like that so far this year.  They may still happen but haven't yet.


I hope all my friends and family who are now going through such unusual cold will continue to be safe and warm.