Windows Open

I don't generally keep very good records about anything.  I did a miserable job of filling out my children's baby books.  I look at things I've woven or dyed and have no idea what the weaving particulars were or what dye colors I used. Occasionally, I come up with things I really wish I was tracking.  Like this morning.  Today is the first day this fall that the windows are open in the studio.

It would be fascinating to know how early in the fall we can expect it to be cool enough to have the windows open.  I have no idea.  This morning it was 64 degrees and the predicted high for the day is 77.  That's fabulous!  I know, because the weatherman repeated this over several days, the average date of our first temperature lowering cold front is September 21st. Today is the 20th so that's exactly on cue. That doesn't mean we won't have 95 degree days again before Christmas but it's a wonderful break.

Our current cooler weather also impacts and is impacted by Hurricane Beta churning out in the Gulf.  We are predicted to get three days of rain while the coast will get much more rain and higher winds.  It appears not to be a huge damage threat.  Of course, with hurricanes you never know for sure till it gets here and does it's worst.