Wilted and Dead

I'm still trying to get my head around our big freeze last month. We are back to hot and cold running water and continuous power which is a great thing. My daughter is still without hot water all these weeks later so not everyone is back to normal.

Much of our landscaping came out of this wilted and dead. Our roses and some other plants were pruned back just before the freeze so they came through this looking naked.

I hope that all these plants will come back although I'm sure not all will.  In addition to the wiltedness, we also have lots and lots of brown and dead looking. My hope is that they only look dead but only time will tell.

These azaleas were transplanted from our front garden to the outer yard last winter.  I babied them all summer long hauling the water hoses around so they would survive.  Now, I'm not sure they will.

The back garden looks pretty bleak with just dead leaves from the oak trees.  All the ferns are gone along with most of the other plants that lived in the fern garden - elephant ears, shrimp plants, etc.

I think this poor bay leaf plant is a goner, too.

Our beautiful orange trees look like some leaf eating monster stripped them bare.

Even the cactus and succulents are looking beat up and abused.

It's warmed up considerably now but the place still looks like a cold bomb went off - which is did.