Where's Dinner?

My husband Ron does most of the cooking at our house.  I used to cook. I spent years, decades really, being the only cook but I got tired and ran out of ideas and interest. That's when Ron took over.  He has become a great cook.  Yes, there have been missteps, as there are for any cook, but I love to eat what he makes.  

Recently, he had a great menu planned for dinner - pork roast with white potato gratan and cauliflower.  The potatoes were sliced on the mandolin so they were thin and perfect. The pork was lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  The cauliflower was cut from the head in perfect florets.  The logistics were perfect.  Both the pork and the gratan needed the same amount of time to bake at the same temperature.  

The oven was preheated.  The gratan was created in a lovely ceramic quiche pan and the cauliflower was ready to go.  The pork had been seasoned and was sitting in it's glass baking pan.  Ron had set it out of the way in the small sink under the window next to the stove.  Into the oven goes the gratan.  Now for the pork.  Wait!  Where is the pork? Here is the pan in the sink with a dusting of seasonings on the bottom but no pork. Where is the @#$%^&*()_ roast!?!  The 2.5 pound pork roast was gone.

Sadie was sitting on the couch looking quietly unobtrusive.  Ron was yelling and I was jumping up to see what all the noise was about.  

We have a dog so nothing much that's edible sits on the counter or the island without a lid or wrapped in tin foil or with a large heavy bowl over it.  The sink seemed so reasonable. So safe.  Au contraire!  We have moved from DefCon 3 to DefCon 2 when it comes to food. No, Sadie will not have to live the rest of her life in her crate.  That would be DefCon 1.

The gratan was wonderful, by the way.  As was the cauliflower.  And the sausage that Ron fried up as a last minute alternative to a fabulous pork roast was wonderful, too.  The dog still breathes.  She groveled quite a bit that evening, which was probably a good thing.