What's New on the Website?

The knitting, weaving, dyeing and spinning are the fun parts of my job.  The photographing, describing and updating the website are less fun for me.  That's why the pile of new items tends to build up before I jump in and get them all on the website.  Today, well actually a few hours over the last several days, is the day.

Here is my latest knitting adventure.  I love this pattern and I love this superwash Merino.  As soon as I can find the tags I'll tell you where the yarn came from.  The pattern is called Centrifugal by Carissa Browning.  As sometimes happens with my knitting, the final product turned out much larger than I anticipated.  That's partly because I knit loosely and partly because another repeat just seems so reasonable.

I've been spinning, too.  These two yarns were spun from batts created by Apothefaery.  She is one of my favorite spinning batt creators.  Can you tell that they both have flax in them?  It's an addition not many batt makers include and I love it!

Check the website for all our newest additions!