What's New?

Despite having more free time to weave and spin and generally be creative, what with the pandemic in full swing, I still seem to be slow to produce.  I think this is true for lots of people. Having to stay home more has become a burden rather than an asset.  But, so be it.  We have still added some wonderful things to the website.

I cleaned out the loft recently and there are things up there that have been gathering dust rather than being used.  Among the wonderful gently used items we have for sale are a front beam trap for a Gilmore loom, a 7 yard warping board, an inkle loom and a set of warping pegs.

We just added a package that includes 8 Cricket looms we have used to teach weaving. Each loom comes with two stick shuttles, the clamps and peg for direct warping and an 8 dent rigid heddle. It's the perfect package for anyone who teaches weaving on Cricket looms.


Our newest items include mud dyed linen napkins, a hand knit shawl using handspun yarn, several new scarves,several new skeins of handspun, and lots of books.


Peggy and I are meeting sometime this weekend to exchange bags of goodies.  She will be giving me her newest run of kitchen towels to tag and photograph for the website.  I'll be giving her all the yarn I dyed with mud dyes this past week.  She will get them reskeined and looking their best before she passes them back to me to be tagged and photographed.  Yes, it's always a dance.

Also on the horizon is a new look for our website.  Our intention is to present our photos in a way that makes comparing colors easier.  That should be up within the next couple of days. Take a look and let us know how you like it!

And be sure to check your email inbox on this coming Tuesday to see the details of our fall sale.  If you don't already receive our emails and would like to, just sign up at the bottom of the first page on the website.