What's Growing?

It always amazes me that we almost always have something blooming.  It's sort of a game to walk around and find what's blooming right now.  So, what's blooming right now?

The Texas Sage is looking particularly bright and flowerful! This plant will bloom beautifully after a heavy rain - but it's smart enough to know the difference between a heavy rain and you overwatering it.

We always have roses in bloom.  They come and go and I'm never sure what to expect.  We have a lot of different roses and I've never studied the different blooming schedules. But I'm always pleased.

The marigolds are continuing to bloom.  I'm collecting them every few days and drying them for natural dyers.

We have a few crepe myrtle blossoms high up in the trees.

And the magnolia is putting out a few lovely white blooms.

We also have fruits and vegetables growing, even now in the heat of summer. There are watermelons slowly getting larger and larger.  It's funny that they are all growing on the ground - the vines have made a break for it and escaped the garden bins. There are still a few tomatoes left but other than miles of vines, the cucumber are all gone.