What a Week!

This past week has been at least a month long. Here's the background...

I have been hobbling around on a painful ankle for the last week. I don't remember hurting it, I just noticed it was hurting and it hasn't stopped. Note to Peggy - yes, I will call the doctor on Monday morning.  I promise.

Monday - we picked up groceries at the Walmart in Sealy, the only grocery store that has curbside pickup out here. We stopped at Starbucks on our way home.  It's always a treat to get a specialty coffee occasionally.

Tuesday - no outside appointments but we watched the weather to get updates on hurricane Laura.

Wednesday - I went into Katy in the morning to pick up my new glasses.  I finally had my eyes checked after a four year hiatus. No surprise I needed new glasses.  I love my new glasses.  I can see better but I also love my new transitions lenses.  When I got home we accomplished everything on our hurricane prep list in anticipation of hurricane Laura.

Wednesday night - we went to bed late when it was apparent that Laura was not going to turn to the west and hit us.

Thursday - by Thursday morning images were coming out from Lake Charles and Cameron, Louisiana showing the hurricane damage. Storm surge and high winds cause a lot of damage.  We feel for those people impacted.

Friday - our 50th wedding anniversary!  We exchanged gifts over coffee first thing in the morning.  I love my new watch and Ron is looking forward to the boat ride. The plan was for dinner at Roma, our favorite Italian restaurant in West University.  We left in plenty of time to get there but the traffic on I10 was horrible.  We had only made it to Katy by the time of our reservation so we called and rescheduled our dinner for next week.  We stopped and got a hamburger for dinner. It was a good hamburger but not quite the level of a meal at Roma. We headed home. 

About 10:30 that night a squall pushed through with howling winds and hard rain.  I had two dogs curled around my ankles for the 45 minutes of the storm.  I took them out in the backyard after the storm passed to survey the damage.  Gus scared up something in the bushes. I called him off thinking it might be a snake.  Sadie wandered over there to see what he was looking at.  I brought them in at that point.  By the time Sadie came in the house she was walking three legged.  It took me awhile to figure out what was going on - about as long as it took the venum to start her foot swelling.  Yes, she was bitten by a poisonous snake - probably a copperhead since that is most common here. I gave her Benadryl for the swelling.  The bite is on her paw so in no danger of impacting her breathing. Once I was sure the swelling was going down and she was calm, I went to bed.

Saturday - up early to call the vet.  Yes, he wanted to see Sadie so we headed over to the clinic.  No, she did not have a snakebite in the mouth area - a common occurance in a dog that gets bitten on the paw. She got a shot of antibiotics and we brought home pills for a week.

Sunday - it's been quiet today.  And hot.  It's been nearly 100 degrees everyday since Thursday. The heat is supposed to continue at least through Wednesday.  I hope it quiet all next week.  I've had enough excitement for now.