Weaving Yarn for Sale

I received a call this past week from Kay Schmidt.  She is interested in finding a good weaving home for a nice selection of weaving yarns and some tools that were her mother's.  She sent me pictures.  Kay is not a weaver so isn't sure what all this yarn is except for the few cones that still have labels.


In addition to what's in the photos, Kay has several other boxes of yarn. This is a huge amount of yarn.  It appears to be mostly cotton although I can't tell for sure and can't tell the weight. The large cones directly above could be slub cotton or cotton/rayon. The large cones in the 5th photo are wool with the dark blue/grey in front being wool and alpaca.

Kay lives in Austin and the yarn is out in Kerrville.  She says she will happily deliver it to either Austin or Kerrville but will ship it to you as long as the buyer pays the shipping. If Kid 'n Ewe was going forward this November as usual, picking it up would be easy.  But, of course, this year is anything but usual.

Kay is asking $250 for the entire stash of yarn.  This sounds like a great price to me!  You can discuss pick-up, delivery and schedule with her. Kay's email address is txkay13@gmail.com and her phone number is 512-255-5600. Leave a message if she doesn't answer.

Happy Weaving!