Weaving Linen - The old way

It's hard to explain how weaving works to someone who know nothing about it once you get beyond the one or two sentence description.  There are lots of steps required to get from cones of yarn to yards of cloth and it's difficult for someone with no experience to make sense of it all.  All weavers know this which is one of the reasons demonstrations are so useful.  I have had people sit and watch for long periods of time just to try to understand the process.

Someone on the 8-Shaft Weaving Facebook group posted a wonderful video about weaving linen.  The video has no sound, was recorded in the 1960's in Germany and is long - nearly 40 minutes.  It is totally spectacular.  This is exactly the process we go through to make cloth.  The fact that my loom looks nothing like the one in the video makes no difference at all.  The process is exactly the same.

Here it is.  Watch it and enjoy!