Used Walt Turpening Spinning Chair For Sale - SOLD

We have a gently used spinning chair made by Walt Turpening for sale.  This is a fabulous chair made by a talented and charming wood worker.  Let me tell you about Walt's work.

I am very lucky to have two weaving benches made by Walt and I have ordered another one to go with my new Louet loom.  I also have one of Walt's spinning chairs.  I adore them all.  All of Walt's chairs and benches are custom made for the owner and take into consideration the wheel or loom they will be using.  I have never before been so happy to have someone measure my derriere.  For a weaving bench Walt needs to know the height of the breast beam and the treadles of your loom along with your elbow height, leg length and width of your rear end.  For the spinning chair he wants the height of the orifice on your spinning wheel and all your measurements - leg length, width of your rear, etc. 

What you get after a long wait - and it's generally a year or more - is the perfect bench or chair.  The seat and back are woven using hugely thick cotton and are amazingly comfortable.  For the spinning chair, the back is removable for easy transport but also if you want to use it as a stool rather than a chair.  You get to pick the type of wood and the colors of the seat and back but Walt does the weaving to his own designs.

I just sent Walt a deposit on my new bench which puts me on his list and I just heard back - I am #46 on his current list and he expects my bench to be finished by October of 2017.  That's 15 months from now.  I'm pleased it's not longer than that.

Now back to our gently used spinning chair.  This chair was made for our friend Laura. Laura is adorably petite - one of those things I have always aspired to but never quite accomplished.  This chair would probably be too low for a tall long legged person to use for spinning.  It is an amazingly comfortable chair for sitting in regardless of your leg length.  

One of the Walt Turpening benches I have came from our friend Tracy Kaestner of the Lone Star Loom Room.  She bought it, as I recall, for a loom she no longer owns. When she moved her shop from old town Katy to her home several years back, we bought several pieces of furniture from her including this bench.  I don't know what loom she had in mind when she ordered this beauty but it works perfectly with my Saori loom.  

If you think this gently used chair will work for you, please let us know.  We can easily arrange a try-out if you're here in the Houston area.  Otherwise, we will see what we can do.  If you would like to order your own custom made chair or bench, and Walt also makes knitting chairs, slider benches and rocking chairs, bar-stools, arm chairs and side chairs, contact him as listed below.

Walt Turpening, 4509 Woodoak Drive, Kingsport, TN 37664  

(423) 323-5385,